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Police Department Identification Cards

We have been serving Police Departments and Local Governments across the nation since 2006. We offer professional, durable plastic ID cards with many security features such as barcodes and holograms which make it harder to falsify and enhance card’s longevity. Since we don’t have order minimum requirements our service offers a perfect solution for departments and municipalities of any size.

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To produce Law enforcement ID cards we require an official authorization letter or a verifiable email from the issuing department.  Please contact us via email at office@easyidcard.com


Making ID cards with us is easy as 1,2,3


1. Select pre-designed template or a blank card, customize it.

2. Save your card, instantly preview it, add to cart and submit for printing.

3. Receive your badges via ground or priority mail

No hassle on demand ordering

Police ID cards accompanied by police badges play important role in verifying officer's identity. High cost often prevents smaller departments from efficiently implementing Police ID cards. We offer solution that makes ordering Law enforcement ID badges fast easy and affordable, without compromising on quality and security.

5 Important Security Features Every Police ID Card Should Have

Our Police templates have been carefully curated based on the experience we have from working with hundreds of municipalities and police departments across the country.

A law enforcement ID badge should fulfill the following requirements:
• be hard to falsify
• when presented look genuine and authentic
• work as access and data control

  • Chief Signature

    The signature of your department supervisor adds credibility to your ID cards program.

  • Semi-transparent picture

    Second picture in a semi-transparent version makes a great security component.

  • Text overlay

    Placing text, such as “issue or expiration date” over the semi-transparent image makes tampering attempts much more difficult.

Police Identification Card
  • Department address and phone numbers

    The identification should clearly display a phone number that can be used to confirm the officer’s identity and credentials. Return address to use in case the badge is misplaced.

  • Department or Town Seal

    The seal and/or watermark version can be easily uploaded and incorporated into your department's police ID template.

  • Physical characteristics and important medical information

    Back of the card can display officers’ medial information, personal details, fingerprints, emergency contacts and barcodes

Vertical Police ID

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