Importance of wearing a proper identification in healthcare
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Healthcare Worker ID Cards

Professional ID badges that clearly display provider's name and credentials are important for patients safety.
We offer templates for physicians , nurses, allied health professionals, caregivers and other hospital and office staff members.

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Importance of proper identification in healthcare

All medical facilities must have staff that can be easily identified. The best method for effective identification is through the use of provider ID cards. Professional ID badges need to meet the necessary industry requirements, be functional and visually appealing, durable and made of plastic material compliant with sterility requirements. ID cards can add professionalism to the staff and are very effective in facilitating relations between the patients and providers.

Why add a Barcode to your Medical Staff ID cards?

Barcode is a fundamental feature that can increase and enhance the security of a healthcare facility. It can help to facilitate logging of different transactions, accessing confidential patient data, and permit authorized access to restricted areas.

CNA ID badge

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