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Medical Alert ID Card Seizure Alert ID Card with First Aid and Emergency Info

Ensure proper care and notification in the event of a seizure emergency with our Seizure Alert ID cards. These durable ID badges provide first responders and caregivers with vital first aid instructions tailored to the card holder, as well as emergency contact details.

Key Features:
First Aid Protocol Section Step-by-step seizure first aid instructions personalized for the individual Includes details like seizure type, typical duration, medication info, etc. Guides on proper positioning, airway management, and when to call emergency services Emergency Contacts

Prominently displays key contact names, numbers, and relationship
Allows quick notification of loved ones in a seizure emergency situation
Space for multiple emergency contacts

Customizable Design

Upload a photo and enter the relevant first aid and contact information
Choose from multiple layout options and card material types
Add barcodes or QR codes if needed for identification purposes Durable & Portable Print on rigid PVC plastic

Easily carried in a wallet, bag, or attached to clothing/accessories

Water-resistant and tear-proof for long-lasting use

Keep this vital medical information on-hand at all times.

Our Seizure Alert ID cards empower first responders to provide fast, appropriate care while rapidly notifying your emergency contacts. Design yours today for peace of mind.

Item Size: 3 3/8" W x 2 1/8" H
Price: $12 (single side edge to edge high definition printing)
Production Time: 24h
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