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FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Please note that EasyIDcard will not process any orders for FAKE, Individual Student, State, Federal or Government issued ID.

All fraudulent looking cards will be cancelled immediately without refund and reported to the appropriate authorities.

If you are not sure that your card can be processed or your order requires authorization letter please contact us before placing your order.

Q: Do I have to install any software to be able to use your program?

No software to install. All your need is an internet browser (IE, FireFox or Chrome with Adobe Flash Player) Safari on MAC is not supported at this time.

Q: What is your turn around time?

All our orders are typically processed and mailed out within less than 24h.

Q: What are the shipping times?

Standard shipping time is 4-7 business days.
Express shipping time is 1-3 business days.

Q: What are the dimensions and thickness of the cards?

The cards are 30mil thick and 3.370 2.125 inches.

Q: I have my own artwork already designed; can I upload my pre-designed image and not use one of Easyidcard templates?

Yes, you can upload your pre-designed card using our blank template. Your image must be saved as a JPEG with a resolution of 300 DPI and up to 1MB in size. Please make sure neither the width nor height is larger than 1000px.

Q: My card opens up in a horizontal layout but I saved it in a vertical position, how will you print it?

All cards open up in a horizontal layout in the preview panel but your card will be printed in the layout you've created it in, we will not change the position of your card.

Q: I see a white box around my logo; will it print the same way?

No, the white box around your logo can only be visible in the editor panel to help during designing process; the box will not be visible on the printed card.

Q: I'm trying to upload my picture but it does not appear on the card, the loading process freezes at 50%

Make sure the size of your image/photo is not larger than 2MB, the system will not accept files over this limit. If your picture/artwork is larger please downsize it first.

Q: I have my logo/artwork that is in a PDF file, can I upload it to your system?

No, our system only accepts JPEG, PNG and GIF files.

Q: My photo/logo appears blurry / pixilated on the screen; will it print the same way?

The required resolution of uploaded image is 300 DPI to obtain good printing quality; lower resolution will result in a poorer printing quality.

Q: Do I pay sales tax at

We must charge sales tax if you are located in New York. We do not charge sales tax on orders shipped to any other states at this time.
You may be required to file a sales and/or use tax return, and to pay sales/use tax. Please check you state's sales tax regulations.

Q: I need a copy of my receipt.

Please login to your account, then select the Order History link. You will be able to view your order history and print specific receipt.
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